Bluspark Studio

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Live Renders

These are renders of scenes that I made but instead of them just being a still PNG image, you can hover over and see them come to life. The scenes are fully designed by myself.

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Cave Mine Cart

A short Mine Cart track in a cave setting.

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Mini Minecraft Structure Renders

Small scenes of certain areas of the Minecraft world.

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Low Poly World

This render was made in C4D and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Go Pokeball


Blu, the Pokemon trainer.

Bunny at Water

A bunny looking at the water.

Minecraft and Low Poly Renders

These are renders that I made without any templates. The scenes are fully designed by myself or made with inspiration from another image.

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YouTube Play Buttons

Cinema 4D models of each award YouTube has to offer along with two extras.

Bluspark Lightroom

A simple lighting setup that I made publicly available.


A lot of Pokeball rigs that closely resemble the real ones.

Product Renders

Renders of my models/rigs to showcase them for downloading or buying.

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Sky Block

Master Bluspark all alone on a small chunk of land in the middle of nowhere...

Zombie Night

The zombies are coming out of the ground!


Falling into the ravine...

Renders Made From Templates

These renders were made with templates that I found on Sellfy. I added my character into the already made scenes. Slight changes may have been made in a few of these renders.

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Villager Market


Dan and Len

Renders Made For Others

These are free/ paid renders that I made for clients.

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