Bluspark Studio

Xenim Pro
Better than Xenimated!
Xenim Pro is the same as Xenimated but with an extra feature and better gif folder location.

Gifs can now be scaled down to 10% screen width or up to 100% screen width. Of course there is still the fill screen option too. Wouldn't get rid of that! The folder location of where you can save the gifs to is now in the Documents folder which is much easier to access. Filza is required.
Tiny Pokemon
There's a tiny Pikachu on my home screen!?
Tiny Pokemon is an XenHTML widget that allows you to place little Pokemon gifs on your lock/home/page screens. It's actually pretty similar to Xenim Pro but the widget size, for this, is fixed. Filza is not required but may help with finding the Pokemon you want to use.

Gen 1 and 2 are currently available. Gen 3 and higher are planned and will be released as updates soon!
Pixelios Time Widget
Time has gone pixely!
Pixelios Time Widget is an XenHTML widget that allows you to place the time + day or date on your lock/home/page screens.

There are several great customisations included. These are:
-Change time size
-Change day/date size
-Change colour
-Show day or date
-Hide seconds section
-Extra html file included if you use the mm-dd-yyyy format. Filza is required if you want to swap over those html files.