Bluspark Studio


I live in England, UK. I have studied IT at College, studied Computer Science at University and, in my own time, worked on everything in the list below. Along with all that, I listen to music, play video games and watch TV Shows/ Movies (including anime😏) as well.

History of Master Bluspark and Bluspark Studio

The name, Master Bluspark, was born in 2014 (I think). A little later, I made a higher up company-like name; Bluspark Studio. With my knowledge of website making, I decided to make a website dedicated to my Renders and Animations that I created in Mine-imator. Yes, that was what I used first (from mid 2014 to late 2015). I started using C4D R13 in late 2015. You know the videos I currently have available on my channel? Well, a couple have been made private (for cringe/embarrassment reasons) and one was deleted (it was my first video on the channel, back when it was called Veteran Matty). All of my websites ever made are available on the "Websites" page to the left.


- Coding

- PHP (kinda)
- C#
- C++
- Java
- Node.js

- Software with a good UI and UX
- Games that look good and have an interesting storyline
- Websites coded without the use of templates or web builders like Wix
- 3D Animations/ Renders/ Models

- Using colourful objects, nice scenery, dynamics and lighting
- Minecraft

- Parody lyric writing

Software Knowledge:

- Microsoft Office
- Camtasia
- Game Maker Studio
- Atom/ Notepad++
- Visual Studio
- Adobe Soundbooth
- Adobe Photoshop
- Cinema 4D


I built my own custom gaming PC! :D
This website's layout was firstly made on Wix ( coming soon) as I wasn't happy with the current one I had at the time ( also coming soon). Later on, I wanted to feel like the website was fully mine so I decided to code my own version of it. Yes, this website was coded by myself.


If you want me to make anything for you (cheap but not free), let me know! :)
You can contact me by using the form below or one of the social media icons to the left: