Bluspark Studio

PokeMusic Jukebox 1

Song playing, album cover, song list.

PokeMusic Jukebox 2

No song playing, blank album cover, album list.

PokeMusic Jukebox 3

Empty player (view when software first opens).

PokeMusic Jukebox [V1.0] (90+ SONGS!)

This is a music player software I made a few years ago at uni. It includes most Pokemon albums, nearly all opening themes and was coded/designed in Visual Studio. I have not updated this with more songs or ported it due to being busy with other projects and no demand.

- 561MB

Bluspark Camera 1

Main window.

Bluspark Camera 2

Gallery and filenames.

Bluspark Camera 3

Info and contact details.

Bluspark Camera 4

Option to get notified of new versions.

Bluspark Camera [V1.1]

Another piece of software I made at uni.

- 2.23MB