Bluspark Studio

Last updated: 09/04/2020

No one likes reading the Terms and Conditions for things so I have made this page short and easy to read.

Your Personal Data

You can choose whether you'd like to store your email address in our database when you download or purchase something on the Products page. Your email will be seen by myself to manually send "New Product" and other important emails to you (if opted-in) but will not be shared with anyone. Storing it in our database benefits you so you can receive emails of your downloads/purchases and get a page created for you that will list download links for your purchases/downloads.


All free and paid products are guaranteed to be safe. All downloads are provided as a ZIP file except from songs which come as an MP3 file. No viruses or malware have been purposefully included with any content on this website.


The currency used is £/GBP but even if you're using $/USD etc. you should still be able to pay on PayPal. If this isn't the case, please let me know.


By purchasing any product on this website, you agree to the "Refunds" policy below. Products on this website are digital only so when you pay through PayPal, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the product you bought. I have made sure the naming of pages are correct but if any issues occur, you should contact me on Twitter or by Email. Proof of purchase such as your PayPal email address and rough time of purchase will be required.


Please be sure that you can afford and definitely want the item you are buying because full refunds are not given. Refunds will only consist of the amount I get after PayPal's selling fee. For example, if you pay £1.00 and the PayPal fee is 20p, I get 80p so 80p would be the refund amount. This is so I'm not losing any of my hard earned money providing you the full refund.


Currently, no Cookies are used apart from a session one for download hit counters (if that counts (no pun intended, lolz)). However, the Google Ads and YouTube videos probably use Cookies. If I add any, you will see a small banner at the top or bottom of the page asking if you'd like to accept or reject them.